2 months since arthrocentesis

So tomorrow will be 2 months since the procedure and I feel great.  I purposely treated myself differently during this period as an experiment.  My patients are instructed to slowly advance their diet over the first six weeks after the procedure.  Patients are also referred for physical therapy and continue to perform various treatments at home.  I have not treated myself at all and have been eating with reckless abandon since the night of the procedure (I ate a delicious steak that night).

The first month felt as if I never had a problem with that joint at all.  The second month has seen 3 very short lived (ranging from hours to a couple of days) episodes of mild to moderate pain in the joint.  These episodes have been easily handled with taking naproxen for a day or two.  Aside from that, the results have been phenomenal.  Occlusion is normal and there is no pain.

More updates to follow.


Dr. H

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