8.5 months post-op arthrocentesis

I must apologize that I haven’t posted in so long. Aside from getting married in the fall and the fact that I actually write this blog myself in between doing doctor things, I actually have felt so good that I don’t think very often about my own jaw lately!

The fact is that I have done absolutely nothing in the way of physical therapy, diet change or lifestyle modification since the day of the procedure (although I certainly expect my patients to do all of those things to maximize the quality and longevity of the results). I have had no pain or dysfunction and I can eat anything. That being said, after eating a large bagel I do feel the fatigue in the muscles that I always have for many years. But the acute intra-articular (inside-the-joint) pain that was affecting my ability to eat, sleep and generally function from day to day was eradicated on the day of the procedure and has not returned since.

I have performed a number of arthrocentesis procedures on patients since I had it done and, so far, all have had good to excellent results. I always ask my patients at one and at six weeks, “do you feel that the procedure was worthwhile?” I haven’t had a “no” in several years. I think that when the diagnosis is made properly and the procedure is performed by a skilled practitioner the results are overwhelmingly positive.

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