A dentist you ACTUALLY enjoy coming to, Nobody likes going to the dentist. And among that large population, I especially don’t like it – but it’s a necessary evil to maintain good health. I dreaded the idea of wisdom teeth removal so much that put it off for 3 years, potentially at the risk of my own teeth. After deciding to take the leap my primary dentist recommended Adam as the “best” for the job. I was highly skeptical, and came into this with the notion of getting it over with. However upon meeting Adam not only was he oddly sociable for dentist, he was empathetic and thurough – more so than I’ve ever seen. I never felt like just a job, I felt a level of care he had for both his work and myself. After candidly explaining to me the risks and expenses I felt comfortable going through w the surgery of removing all of my wisdom teeth. I took 15 min and within a week I was back to normal. I’ll weirdly miss coming here which is strange to say, but is a tribute to his work