So I waited for almost 5 months to review Dr Hershkin. The reason is that an implant is a complex procedure that involves multiple steps and from the beginning to the end may take up to 8 months! Depending on where the implant is placed (upper or lower jaw) and whether the bone graft is needed it could be a lengthy procedure. Dr Hershkin had to deal with my upper jaw very close to my sinuses. As I learned later, if not careful an oral surgeon can perforate the bone into the sinuses causing major problems. The angle of the implant and how it’s placed all matter a lot in the general recovery and how the crown will go on later. That may mean one or two step crown. Not to dive into the specifics, Dr Hershkin did a flawless job. No foundation bone graft was needed and I got a one step crown because the implant angle was perfect. Granted, placing an implant is an unpleasant procedure. But beyond the procedural discomfort I had no swelling or fever. I was off pain killers 24 hours after the procedure. All I can say is thank you master!