Such an amazing experience with Dr. Hershkin and his staff! From the beginning Judy (Chief of Staff) was great to work with. She always gave clear and concise information regarding my dental implant procedure. I actually spoke to Dr. Herkshin over the phone for a quick consult. He gave clear expectations regarding my implant (time it will take for the post, time frame of healing, and how long before I get a permanent crown).

As we are still in a time of COVID, I can assure you they are taking check in procedures very seriously. We are instructed to wait outside the door and someone will come get you and take your temp. You are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering.

Once I was in the exam room, the wonderful assistant got me set up for my procedure. I usually get very nervous but she was able to calm me down and asked what Pandora station I wanted to play. I was immediately calm once I heard my favorite tunes. Before you know it I was calm (laughing gas) and ready to begin. The procedure went by fast. I was given instructions for the weeks ahead. If you follow it accordingly you will be okay!

Highly recommend him!